Founders Story

Founders Story


Founders Story

As a dyslexic, something I didn’t learn I was until I was 35 years old, I seriously struggled through school. I felt dumb, incapable, and terrified of how my future might unfold. It seemed as if every step forward I made there was an obstacle to set me back three feet. That American dream we were working so hard towards felt unreachable.

I graduated from high school when I was 18 and had high hopes of attending college. As I started to go through the process it became abundantly clear I would not get a college education-unknown to me, I wasn’t a legitimate US citizen at the time.

It was at this point in my life where I made a decision that changed my life forever-the decision to take the deck of cards that had been handed to me and throw them out the window. I would take charge of my own life and would not let a damn thing stand in my way.

Armed with a fresh perspective on life and new found confidence, I found a job where I was paid $4.25 an hour as a delivery driver in a sub shop. I couldn’t even read the menu when I started. Not about to let that hold me back I did whatever it took to learn every little detail about the restaurant and developed the mentality that no matter what the task – whether it be sweeping the floors or making a sandwich – I would do it the best. No one could do it better than me because I knew that I would not stop until it was the perfect.

Fast forward twenty years and I now own 25 franchises of that very sub shop where I used to sweep and mop the floors for minimum wage. How did I do this? What is the point in sharing this with you? I have redefined the odds. I believe you can too. And I believe that together, we can fundamentally change the world starting with the food we eat and the food we serve.

The secrets to success are not secrets. It is human nature to run into obstacles and to struggle and we all will inevitably go through these things more than once in our lives. The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is simple: you either get things done, or you don’t.

When I took over my first restaurant there were no systems or procedures in place. I would write down a list of things that needed to get done and let people choose what they wanted to do. Time after time I would be left to sweep the restaurant-a task no one else wanted to take. The first step towards success is taking the small things, the little tasks no one else wants to do and enjoy every second of it.

Why? Because by living presently and enjoying every moment we have, whether its spending time with family or sweeping the floors, we are aware and appreciative of the life we are living. Those who understand the importance of living in the moment don’t wish their lives away. They see the small tasks as the building blocks for their future empires. Everything you do has meaning. It is up to you to make the most of it and do something great.

It is because of the experiences I have had in my life and my choice to redefine my odds and to live in the moment no matter how small or grand that I have created the foundation for Olive.

My mission is to bring healthy, delicious food to everyone. Every child, every man, and every woman deserves to indulge in the delicacies of natural food, authentic tastes and rich flavors. By working together we can redefine the food industry while making a difference through empowering people to make better, healthier choices without ever sacrificing taste.

No matter where you come from if you are ready to take initiative, work passionately and love what you do-I invite you to join myself and my team to work towards building a better, brighter, healthier future for the entire human race, the planet and most importantly-you.

Faisal Ghani